About Us

sheblogs Media’s commitment to our Publishers: To empower Canadian women bloggers & online communities by creating a customized Ad Network built for them.

sheblogs Media’s commitment to our Clients: To provide Canada’s top brands with relevant and impactful marketing solutions in partnership with some of Canada’s most influential social media women.

At sheblogs Media we know that the present and future of the web lies in content driven by individuals. The most impactful places online are independent properties with unique content and loyal audiences, not big sites run by large corporations or media companies.

We know that the individual voices and the social nature of blogs is the key to the incredible growth of and investment in social media. However, most media companies approach this with a traditional media buying philosophy, not considering its unique opportunities or the power of both the medium and the message. sheblogs works in partnership with our publishers to maximize these opportunities. We successfully meet the requirements of the traditional media buyer while capitalizing on the extremely powerful social nature of blogs.

sheblogs Media identifies and partners with Canada’s most influential, female bloggers. We know that these are the most important voices online. With loyal audiences and relatable, relevant content, sheblogs Media Publishers are the key to the social web.

sheblogs Media brings together Canada’s top female bloggers with Canada’s top brands creating opportunities and custom content that take social marketing to a whole new level.

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