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Canada’s 1st Social Media Ad Network

Join Canada’s exclusive Ad Network for women bloggers:

  • Run customized marketing programs with some of Canada’s biggest brands.
  • Increase awareness for your brand.
  • Have access to the industry’s most competitive compensation structure.
  • Be represented by a dedicated sales team.

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Become a SheBlogs Brand Partner

Lots of voices, mass reach and the most influential brand advocates.  All under 1 partner.

  • Mass reach.
  • Premium Canadian content.
  • Social influencers and creators.
  • Measurability and best in class technology.

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Who is SheBlog Media?

We are your social media partner. The present and future of the web lies in content driven by individuals.

  • Canadian pioneers in social media.
  • Online media industry leaders.
  • Leading technology, resources and reporting.
  • Creative and customized solutions to maximize impact and extend reach.

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